How to Build Robust Mobile Apps on Xamarin Cross-Platform

How long will you strive to create multiple codes for multiple mobile platforms? Times have changed with the advent of Xamarin Cross-Platform, one of the most commendable and sought after open-source application platforms offered by Microsoft.

This robust and straightforward open-source application platform enables you to build modern and performant cross-platform mobile applications with C# and .Net. Xamarin Cross-Platform’s concept of code once & implement on diverse platforms came as a boon for mobile developers. This open-source application platform offers a complete package of development toolkits to create compatible mobile solutions with higher performance. Profoundly known as the king of cross-platforms, Xamarin Cross-Platform App Development allows you to build performant applications for Android, iOS, and Windows with a single, cross-platform API. It also enables you to ingress native APIs from shared code and allows you to share the code across all .Net platforms.

Why Xamarin Cross-Platform?

Enterprises across the globe significantly consider Xamarin Cross-Platform as one of the most reliable cross-platform development tools. As part of the open-source .Net platform, Xamarin possesses a large community of 60,000+ active OSS contributors and 3,700+ OSS company contributors globally. It encompasses several functional capabilities that are not limited to native and cross-platform integrations, Xamarin.Forms, shared codebase, integrated testing environment, and several other vital functionalities.

Businesses need to work in tandem with the technology upgrades to stay ahead of the pack. In the contemporary world, time is money, and you cannot afford to lose much of it in building dedicated mobile applications for every platform. The evolution of mobile technologies has had its fair share in modernizing the development methodologies, and this resulted in a cross-platform model. This model not only saves you much time, but it also saves you a lot on the overhead costs.

Is there any other effective cross-platform besides Xamarin to build your robust mobile applications? If not, then here’s the modus operandi that will help you accelerate the process.Xamarin Cross platform

Get Started with Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

  1. Adhere to a lean development methodology – Evolving advancements in mobile technology has propelled us to shift gears to the adaptive software development models. This transition has set the scene for the lean-agile model, flexible and adaptive to a mobile application’s diverse characteristic requirements. The methodical approach to lean development offers a firm grip over the development phases. The scope for maximum efficiency and considerable elimination of waste (speeds up the process) qualifies Xamarin Cross-platform App Development as the preferred methodology.
  2. Leverage the inbuilt UI frameworks and controls – Xamarin extends .Net platform, and this allows developers to access diverse libraries and toolkits concerning the native app features. The Xamarin ecosystem also provides complete access to the platform-specific capabilities and integrations with third-party libraries. To speed up the development phase, you have the Xamarin.Forms, an open-source framework to build cross-platform applications. Being more than just a UI library, the framework furthermore includes cross-platform navigation, messaging center, dependency service, animation APIs, and plenty more. Xamarin Cross-Platform. Forms’ built-in pages, layouts, and controls can be leveraged from the UI component ecosystem and deployed across platforms, saving you a lot of time on the development front.

In addition to the above, you also have the advantage of built-in support for the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture pattern. The MVVM separates the three software layers allowing improved system performance and eradicating the need for a total application redesign when additional features/changes need to be incorporated.

Xamarin Cross Platform

  1. Determine a robust & efficient mBaaS model – It is pivotal to choose a powerful Mobile Backend as a service model to connect your robust mobile applications to backend cloud storage, APIs, and other significant resources. Moreover, the mBaaS platform is responsible for the API endpoints, Cross-platform data, database management, user management, and social network APIs. Hence, it’s critically important to determine a reliable and well-constructed mBaaS platform with unique application features that promise seamless performance & greater security. Here come the Azure Mobile App services to brace the backend system and operations. Xamarin allows for an effortless integration with the Azure mBaas model providing an edge to deliver tailored solutions for enterprises. You can also take a step to the future with the Azure Cognitive Services that leave behind the need for machine-learning expertise.
  2. Perform Impeccable testing with Xamarin Test Cloud – Testing a cloud-based robust mobile application is always an uphill task. With diverse platforms, evolving changes, and distinctive functionalities on board, the need for a consistent and adept testing platform is imperative. The Xamarin Test Cloud is a significant component of the Visual Studio App Centre, allowing for automated test runs. The Xamarin Test Cloud also allows concurrent runs on real devices to ensure accurate results and pull out detailed reports in a shorter period.

With a clear picture of the Xamarin Cross-Platform App development model and its prominent features, all that is left is building a robust mobile application for your enterprise.

  • Sketch the requirements
  • Align with the methodical approach
  • Build your Application
  • Test & Deploy

It’s Time to Build

It sounds like an easy task, right? If and only you have the right technology partner in place who has deep-rooted experience in mobile application development and digital transformation services. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, PreludeSys has decades of experience in building robust Xamarin cross-platform apps. We can help your business spearhead in the digital spectrum with cost-effective and innovative enterprise mobility solutions. Let us know your requirements & our pool of technical experts will promise you excellent solutions. Talk to Us!

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