Top 10 Things You Can Achieve With Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration enables a seamless, security-centric, and cost-optimized approach for a business and improves performance continuously. Migrating to the cloud helps gain many significant advantages.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Migration

1. Data Security

Azure, AWS, etc., have built their cloud offering from the ground up, handling security issues proactively and regularly updating security mechanisms.

2. Operational Efficiency

Business apps, when cloud migrated, can be easily integrated into various enterprise solutions improving operational efficiency.

3. Cloud Flexibility

Cloud storage is flexible that can accommodate large volumes of data and allows users to adjust according to site traffic, boosting customer satisfaction.

4. Resource Scalability

As the cloud enables businesses to avail of computing resources on-demand, they can easily upscale or downscale resources based on current needs.

5. Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling

Cloud migration enables using a multi-tenant model where multiple users share the resources without being exposed to security risks.

6. Deploy Applications/Services

Without updating the operating system or setting up data centers, businesses can deploy applications/services and avail resources on demand.

7. Business Continuity

Applications and data stored on the cloud make it easier for enterprises to implement robust business continuity plan with cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions.

8. IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Businesses can run applications and store data in an environment managed by the cloud service providers eliminating the need for resources to upkeep IT infrastructure.  

9. Employee Collaboration

Cloud migration helps businesses operate in a distributed work environment and work with remote employees, allowing them to access applications regardless of where they are.  

10. Pay-Per-Use Service

Users have potentially unlimited resources, but they can pay based on resource usage, which is continuously monitored, measured, and reported.

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