Replace Traditional Data Analysis and Reporting Software with Microsoft Power BI

In today’s world of seamless service and real-time solutions, most long-existing analytical tools are becoming outdated. How companies collect, analyze, and use data has changed. Organizations that have chosen to continue to run their analysis needs through traditional software face an arduous task competing with more progressive companies.

Microsoft’s Power BI is one of the best options for your organization to scale up its analytics and reporting needs. It is a business analytics service designed to support the demands of the modern era. Power BI takes advantage of today’s digital solutions and provides a seamless platform to analyze and report essential business-related metrics.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a modern data analysis and processing tool from Microsoft that bridges many gaps in business intelligence. While keeping current business requirements in mind, Power BI is a great tool for gathering data that helps you make more informed decisions.

Businesses have long been able to immerse themselves in a sea of facts, for example, texts gathered by outdated analytics tools. But this does not impart much in the way of actionable insights or guidance. As a result, simple texts collected from outdated analytics tools are no longer preferred. Microsoft Power BI is one of the best options globally to simplify and offer a universal platform to businesses.

Power BI is a software application that can work with copious amounts of data. It helps transform unrelated sources of data into coherent and immersive reports and offers interactive media insights. Using Power BI, data can be sourced from a variety of platforms such as:

· Spreadsheets

· On-premises data solutions

· Cloud-based data warehouses

Power BI is a software service that makes analysis and reporting better and offers cross-platform capabilities. Professionals can access collected data and reports from anywhere using desktop software, online SaaS, or mobile apps (Android and iOS). All three options enable managers to consume, create, and share information with high efficiency.

Traditional Tools VS Power BI

Traditional data analytics tools—useful in their day—require complex IT environments, disc space or data warehousing, and constant IT expert intervention. While old setups do get the job done, they fail to measure up with their modern counterparts.

Newer tools such as Power BI are a perfect example of self-service BIs that are gradually replacing traditional solutions. Modern options offer a lot of flexibility with their highly developed user interfaces. They offer professionals easy access to essential data and stats without the need for any statistical or analytical data handling experience.

New self-service BIs operate under a simple premise:

· Offer direct access to essential information

· Develop tailored reports that suit immediate business requirements

But in a world full of tech giants offering similar and equally efficient services, how has Power BI carved out its success?

Business Benefits of Leveraging Microsoft Power BI

1.Easy integration

Power BI transforms an organization’s data processing capabilities and can be effortlessly integrated with existing structures. In addition, Power BI can be used to upgrade familiar platforms to include interactive and immersive visuals.

2.Secure publishing tools

Power BI integration is not only helpful for data analysis but also optimizes how one publishes data. It adds automatic data refresh capabilities for quick, seamless access to the latest data.

3.Eliminates specialized tech support

Designed to offer agility in data analysis and handling inquiries, it eliminates the need for technical specialists. Instead, the whole platform is built to empower every professional using a natural language interface and graphic design tools.

4.Advanced data services compatibility

One of the best features of Microsoft Power BI is its compatibility with Cognitive services and Cortana or Bot frameworks. Such features offer a better user experience adding audio inputs for queries.

5.Custom dashboards

A feature that has helped Power BI to gain popularity is its rich and informational dashboards. These can be tailored to fit business requirements specific to the enterprise. Custom dashboards can also be embedded with the BI reports for a more seamless experience.

PreludeSys and Power BI implementation

Looking to reinforce or perhaps reinvent enterprise-level data analysis and reporting platforms with modern solutions?

Organizations looking to ramp up their data analysis and reporting can rely on PreludeSys to make your journey a resounding success. PreludeSys is a name synonymous with digital transformation and modern enterprise-level solutions. We are a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner and have helped over 50 organizations to adopt the newest standards. For more information regarding Power BI implementation or integration, please connect with us at your convenience.

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