Overwhelmed by Customer Journeys? Take These 4 Steps to Get Started

February 20, 2017

Today I read this very interesting blog about customer journeys. The blog is about anxiety and apprehension that almost everyone goes through while thinking about transforming from conventional to digital marketing. If you are on the verge of stepping into the digital marketing domain, these 4 points can act as a simple guide.

1. Your move to customer journeys should mirror customers’preferences.
Creating and hosting content that your customer is looking for would increase the customer engagement manifold.

2. Use Facebook custom audiences.
One foundational element that will make it easier to deliver relevant content to relevant groups is the Facebook custom audiences. If you have your typical customer profile, Facebook matches these profiles against their members and identifies others in the geographic area to be targeted with a specific ad.

3. Automate lead nurturing emails.
When starting on lead nurturing mails, it is much easier to leverage the automation capabilities of a tool like Journey Builder within Salesforce

4. Don’t sacrifice journey quality for speed.
Take your time and focus on quality and diligence. Do a lot of testing. Do a little bit at a time and use tools to automate as much as possible.

If you are interested to read the full blog, please click on the below link –

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