Mobility In Governance

November 22, 2013

Good governance can be measured by the citizen’s satisfaction with public services which can be achieved by efficient administrative framework. Automation of the governance framework using IT eliminates paper work and reduces latency.  Still there is a risk of security as confidential data can be stolen and misused. The government agencies need to proactively address these challenges while adopting any IT framework.

Today, Mobility is widely adopted by both customers and enterprises. Recently the government agencies have also begun to show interest in Mobility. 57% of state CIO’s in US have mobility as high-priority in their strategic agenda. They are looking to establish a mobility strategy that defines technology standards, security requirements and process transformation. Mobility can help the government agencies to easily connect with the citizens as many of them own mobile devices. Features like GPS can support location-based/personalized services which may not be readily available through online portals. Mobility can increase the interaction of citizens with the Government through social media applications. It can also facilitate faster communication between state employees .Field professionals like Cops can use smart phones to quickly share the details of a crime scene investigation.

Adopting mobility brings the need to support multiple devices/platforms that are used by employees and citizens. The interaction with citizens happens through public networks which are vulnerable to unauthorized access. At times the volume of  citizen requests become very high which  may result in network/system collapse. A mobility strategy needs to be more proactive and insight driven to address these challenges. It must define aspects such as data handling (like encrypted storage and transfer), network attributes (like bandwidth) and application management.(like MAM). Thus a comprehensive mobile strategy will help a government organization to operate its mobile system efficiently.