Mobile Insurance Apps for Claims Processing

March 7, 2013

Mobile insurance apps are creating a huge difference during crash claim processing in the insurance sector.

Claim Processing

Following are the ways mobile insurance apps make claim submissions or renewals precise and effective.

  • The GPS mechanism integrated with the mobile app registers the exact location without having to depend on the memory of the individual filling the claim

  • A photograph of the scene becomes a proof during the claim processing for the policy holder.
  • The mobile app will assist the policy holder on how to go about filling the claim during the time of stress.
  • The mobile app provides the policy holder with the telephone number of their agent and saves time to run through documents to locate the number.


Another area where mobile insurance apps add value is in renewal. Mobile enabled renewal application provides anywhere real time response to customer’s transactions. This reduces their anxiety about the success of the transaction and increases the acceptability of the application.