3 Mobile-First Digital Transformation Strategies you simply can’t ignore!

As we discuss ‘Mobile-First Digital Transformation’, it is critical that you understand why it is important to keep mobile solution at the forefront of Digitization – and what you need to do to get started. As Digital Transformation gains momentum, it is important to understand that Mobile solution is a bellwether of your approach to Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation (DX) is a holistic business transformation that includes organizational processes, competencies and models to harness the power of next-gen digital technologies (including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, BlockChain, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Big Data, Social, Mobile Development;, Applications, Cloud) and their profound impact on businesses in a strategic way. It aims to improve efficiencies, increase engagement, elevate customer experiences and drive top-line growth among the others. Digital Transformation focuses on rethinking of fundamental business processes across the enterprise and its social interactions.

How Mobile-First Digital Transformation Accelerates Business growth

It is essential that businesses focus on Mobile-First Digital Transformation to stay in touch with the employees as well as the customers. An inclusive Mobile-First Digital Transformation approach enables more than just mobile work and engagement. It enables you to remove problematic silos in security, management, operations, and engagement. However, we see that despite the growing number of customers and employees that use a mobile application to research, shop and much more, mobile is still an overlooked aspect, as digital transformation focuses on web presence and digital marketing. But it is crucial that Mobile-First Digital Transformation is kept at the forefront, especially with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) that has quickly increased the number of connected devices like wearables and drives the need for mobile apps development.

By making data and analytics accessible in the hands of the employees, companies can quickly see benefits such as faster, better decisions that improve professionals’ performance and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Mobile technologies have led the transformation of digital from PC-centric to mobile-first. For instance, Cloud-based services such as Dropbox and iCloud more often extend the power of Mobile strategy to a significantly greater level than that of the PC.

Though mobile devices have limited computation storage, the Power of Cloud and for the fact that everything that can be done on the cloud can be done on a computer –make up for any shortcomings of Mobile technologies. To truly transform business process using a mobile strategy, it is critical that you integrate the Operating System’s native capabilities with the organization’s current services. This can be done by writing apps that leverage native OS and vendor-provided features like calendars, cameras and phone directories.

Apps and cloud services also need to know the users’ location data – for instance Retail providers can use a customer’s location to give directions or alert them on a special discount that can be availed at the store – right in the moment. They can use customer movement data to optimize store layout and stocking or implement cashless checkout.

3 Key Mobile-First Digital Transformation Strategies

To leverage Mobile-first Digital Transformation trends, enterprises need to start with these initiatives:

  1. Create customer-centric mobile apps that enhance customer experiences and brand engagement
  2. Create an internal mobile application for employees to develop a frictionless workflow and increase productivity
  3. Use highly customizable and rapid development platforms to facilitate mobile development for the developers

Organizations are highly adopting new Mobile-First digital transformation trends. However, the initiative will be complete when it is simple, fluid and reliable for customers to access a service provider.

Mobility beyond Platform

Mobile devices, just like desktop computers are just front ends to your tools and services. People shift between desktop and mobile devices more often or even use multiple devices at the same time. Within the confines of the devices’ natural differences, users still expect applications and services to work immaterial of the device they happen to be using. However, most IT companies do not approach endpoint platforms in an inclusive way. Most of the organizations still treat them as individual watertight compartments developed and maintained separately, which results in inconsistencies and inefficiencies. It is essential that organizations develop holistic Mobile-First Digital Transformation strategies that deliver frictionless customer and employee experiences that drive engagement and productivity.

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