Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) for Development

May 10, 2013

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is a development platform for enterprises to develop their own mobile apps. MEAP facilitates the primary benefit of Write Once, Run Anywhere concept. The platform allows developers to write the code once and deploy it across multiple devices and scenarios. According to IDC (The Power of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform: Capabilities and Advantages, June 2012), the MEAP software market is expected to grow to more than $3 billion in 2015.

MEAP is typically a mobile middleware that connects back-end data sources (enterprise applications and databases) to mobiles devices. MEAP tools like HTML/CSS/JavaScript and 4GL rapid application development tools provide the ability to design and build models and translate into applications displayable on any type of mobile device.

Benefits of MEAP include:

  • Enable employees develop some mobile apps without a developer background
  • MEAPs allow mobile apps to run on multiple mobile devices without rewriting the code
  • Faster time-to-market and improved productivity as MEAP based mobile app development.
  • Easy to manage devices and apps (maintained in a central location) and install and update mobile software
  • Enforces security against unauthorized access to applications and mobile devices