Lease Abstraction

Evolving lease standards pose numerous challenges for organizations.

Abstracting high volumes of data under time constraints is a major business challenge. Working with a broad scope of leases, maintaining a vast lease portfolio and ensuring operational excellence requires expertise. At PreludeSys that is precisely what we offer our clients. Our lease abstraction service is focused on quality and quick turnarounds.

Lease Abstraction Services.

We understand your industry dynamics and offer lease abstraction services that will augment and support all your lease administration needs.We have experienced lease analysts and have performed hundreds of lease abstracts. Our team collects and consolidates lease data to give you a granular view of lease information.

Lease Validation.

A patchwork of lease documents all over the place can prevent you from accessing vital data or maintaining data hygiene. We validate, store and categorize lease information.

Portfolio Management.

Manage your real estate portfolio effectively. Our services enable your organization to focus on high-value activities. Make more effective strategic decisions and maintain overall portfolio fitness.

CAM Reconciliation.

Stop leaving money on the table. We understand the complexities of commercial CAM reconciliation and offer timely and efficient services.

Lease Audit.

Prepare for compliance and lower operational risks with our lease auditing and data cleanup services.

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The PreludeSys Difference

  • Centralized and well-defined delivery model to ensure timeliness.
  • Ability to efficiently scale and handle large volumes of data across a wide range of portfolios.
  • Established KPI tracking to constantly monitor and improve abstraction performance.
  • Flexible data abstraction models to meet every single lease abstraction need.
  • We manage leases in more than 50 languages.
  • Stringent quality checks throughout the data abstraction lifecycle.
  • Automation of QC processes to quicken workflows.
  • Compliance with new lease accounting standards.
  • Knowledge of lease software such as ProLease, LeaseQuery etc.

We deliver outcomes that unlock growth

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With our technology expertise, team of experienced professionals and obsession with quality we ensure lease abstraction is no longer a nightmare. Get in touch with our lease abstraction team today!