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Medical Records Review Service

Medical Records Review Medical Records Review Service Medical Records Review
  • Medical Records Review process provides a crisp, concise, and informative summary of voluminous medical records
  • The reviewed medical summary will retain all significant and critical data
  • Medical Records Review summary will have Date of Report, Provider name, and Page number
  • Summary is sorted based on the chronology of events

Medical Record Indexing

Medical Record Indexing Medical Record Indexing Medical Record Indexing
  • Medical Record Indexing allows for proper sorting of pages under predefined categories
  • Categorization of medical records is done based on the content of each page
  • Categories include Doctor’s Notes, Lab Reports, General and Admin

Insurance Data Entry

Certificate of Insurance Insurance Data Entry Certificate of Insurance
  • Capture all data points in a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Convert these data from image to digital format
  • Data elements updated include but not limited to dates, limits, categories, coverages, etc.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing
  • Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management starting from patient registration to final payment
  • Team of registered medical coders, experienced medical billing personnel, and expert callers
  • Customized stand-alone services for Medical Billing and Medical Coding processes
  • Compliant to all standard guidelines and policies including HIPAA

Medical Scribing

Medical Scribing Medical Scribing Medical Scribing
  • Provide remote real-time charting of physician-patient interactions
  • Our team of Medical Scribe professionals are fast, accurate and highly experienced
  • We follow best practices in industry to meet client SLA
  • We are compliant to all standard guidelines and policies including HIPAA


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