Knowledge process outsourcing to remote locations is not a result of labor cost arbitrage, but a strategic initiative to make your organization more competitive. At PreludeSys, we are ideally placed to provide support in various business processes in which we possess proven expertise. Following are some examples:




Our records review service caters to the health insurance and litigation industry. We receive complete medical records from attorneys, hospitals, and other related institutions.


  • Summarizing the medical records and creating a concise document that not only retains all significant data, but also adds value by providing the date and name of the provider for each packet of data and listing these down based on chronology of event.
  • We also index the content of the original medical records under different titles like Dr’s Notes, Lab Data, Admin records, etc. to enable easy referencing
  • Our team also goes through the entire record and finds out if there are any missing documents that might render the medical record incomplete. If for example a physician had ordered an X-ray for a particular date and if that record is missing, our team would inform our client who could procure this document from the appropriate source. This not only ensures completeness of record, but also could be a source of additional revenue


We manage content and collaterals for client web properties using various content management and workflow systems. It helps the marketing function of your organization to focus on the message they want to convey.

We help you in creating collaterals and managing the deployment of such collaterals through various media.


We take a comprehensive, well-structured, and expertly managed approach to every outsourced process that is handled. Our professionals communicate clearly with all stakeholders and continuously monitor and manage all of the issues that can affect the cost of a program.

Through our experience in many different industries and in all aspects of knowledge process outsourcing, we’ve developed an exemplary set of best practices for the day-to-day conduct of our business. The result is cohesive, consistent service delivery from the first step in a process through ongoing management of a program.

  • We set the metrics and measures to determine the efficiency levels of the processes in order to achieve continuous process improvement
  • We provide customers with periodic reports stating the work load, turn-around time and improvement in quality
  • Our standards based systems design and implementation enables clients to easily and swiftly change process as and when the market situation demands
  • Our process experts periodically review the business process and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency
  • Training is an integral part of the process execution phase. Our Operational staffs are trained periodically to improve performance levels.


  • Our expert team comprises of certified process specialists with rich experience in re-engineering large complex business processes.
  • The team’s industry exposure and sharp business acumen enable us to offer optimal business solutions.
  • Our “local access and global action” approach provides the comfort for you to transact.
  • HIPAA Compliant processes.