Forethought to Tackle IT Infrastructure Challenges

Forethought to Tackle IT Infrastructure Challenges

November 8, 2019
IT Infrastructure Challenges

The proliferation of groundbreaking technologies has totally changed the way how the world hailed so far. With digitalism traveling at a bolstering pace, IT infrastructure leaders are put under a tight spot. Coming up with solutions to tackle these IT infrastructure challenges with the limited time is easier said than done.  “To prepare for this new reality and challenges that come with it, you must act quickly to create enterprise infrastructure that’s ultra-agile, scalable and responsive to change,” asserts Mike Chuba, Research Vice President, Gartner. By brainstorming about the three significant evolutions in the industry,   PreludeSys has come up with a way to combat the IT infrastructure challenges with solutions.

IT Infrastructure Challenges and solutions

Fostering Effective Cloud Strategies with One-Man Team

According to the Gartner report (April 2019), more than one-third of organizations, see cloud investments as a top-three investing priority. Take a look at Worldwide Public Cloud Service Revenue Forecast (Billions of U.S Dollars)

IT Infrastructure Challenges

However, with the rapid growth of cloud, network infrastructure has become an intricate web with no coordination among networking, cloud, and DevOps teams. Moreover, the lack of transparency in the network infrastructure can cause a detrimental impact on the business. These IT infrastructure challenges may lead to increased cost of operations, decrease in productivity, reduced customer satisfaction, security threats, and of all, ultimately it can bring down the brand image.

To counter the IT infrastructure challenges, networking, cloud, and DevOps teams should unite their teams as a one-man team, to establish transparency, prioritize the significant issues, anticipate new challenges and comprehend the new implementations in the public cloud network.

Remodeling IT Infrastructure to Harness AI’s Power

It is noted that the previous infrastructure challenges were mainly surrounding data analytics and data collection; however, these hindrances were undone with the advent of AI. With AI’s instant data collection and data analytics, a myriad of industries stepping up to harness the power of AI, which is giving rise to a new age of intelligence. According to Gartner, global AI-derived business value will reach nearly $3.9 trillion by 2022.

However, implementing AI is not an easy chore; not all organizations have the well-suited infrastructure to deploy AI and support its applications and workloads. So while implementing AI, organizations should take a holistic approach where their infrastructure is pliable enough to ensure seamless adaptation of new business models, new team models, and new workflows across all departments and teams.

Legacy Modernization-To keep up with the Cutting-Edge Technologies

Brick and mortar systems are long gone. To bridge the gap between the legacy systems and the booming technologies, organizations are taking a new route with Legacy Modernization. If you are someone who hasn’t considered modernizing your legacy applications, then now is the time to act. Legacy modernization can give an upper hand in eliminating IT infrastructure challenges, depending on the type of modernization. You can either undergo subtle changes (update only the code and application configuration) or revamp it entirely (alter the application right from scratch) depending upon the requirement. It should be duly without legacy modernization; your traditional IT infrastructure stands no chance to keep up with the emerging new technologies.

Hiring technical maestros with in-depth technical knowledge in today’s demanding digitized environment is a long-drawn battle for today’s organizations. Of all, solution alone is not enough; you need the right experts to combat all these challenges. That is where PreludeSys comes to the rescue. With more than two decades of experience and with a team of fully packed IT aficionados, PreludeSys caters to all the digital transformation services— cloud, legacy modernization, and Artificial Intelligence. To know more about our services, take a look at our customer success stories or talk to us, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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