IoT is revolutionizing the Field Service Industry

August 20, 2020
IoT in Field Service

Field service was an industry, which barely saw a few changes over the years. Despite all the revolutionary technology, the need for field technicians to fix things persists. However, with Field Service Management software, companies have been able to facilitate inventory, schedule, and track all the field operations to enhance the overall process. With most companies have started to adapt to the Field Service Management software, there came the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Field Service Management. This is a term that has proliferated in the last decade.

IoT refers to any physical device that is connected to the internet. Internet of Things is transforming field service by drastically improving the delivery and execution of services. It can help your technicians achieve more than you think of. To understand the impact of IoT, here is a glimpse of benefits that IoT can offer to your field service process.

5 Benefits of IoT in Field Service

IoT in Field Service

Proactive repairs:  With IoT, you will be able to continuously monitor and collect device data for more accurate analytics and provide proactive repair services to your clients. This continuous monitoring allows the field service professionals to react to issues before they cause disruption

Remote monitoring: IoT devices in your field service can help you detect anomalies through remote monitoring and provide proactive support.

Efficient technicians:  With the procedural approach, the field service professionals can significantly reduce the time for each service and also improve their skillset.

Increased revenue: One of the immediate advantages of an IoT-enabled infrastructure is an increase in revenue for all sides of the interaction. The optimization of the diagnostic processes will reduce the time taken by technicians on each job resulting in more efficient completion of work.

Real-time diagnostics: Instead of manually sending a professional for diagnosis, you can diagnose issues and remotely repair them. With the intervention of IoT enabled devices in field service, you can also potentially avoid the need for dispatching a technician altogether.

IoT to revolutionize Field Service

IoT has all the potential to revolutionize the way the field service industry carries out its business. IoT-based field service management solutions are already making changes in many industries. Talking about IoT, Azure IoT Central provides a fully managed IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

To start with revolutionizing your field service management, we recommend you approach a Microsoft Azure partner, who can help you value your needs and suggest a better option to get the most out of your Field Service Management Solution. To know more about IoT in Field Service and how you can leverage Azure IoT to accelerate your Digital Transformation journey, talk to our team of experts now!

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