Top Mid-market Challenges in
Digital Transformation and How to overcome them

Handling Employee Pushback during Digital Transformation

The internal stakeholders of an enterprise are comfortable with the existing technologies and may find change to be threatening. However, change is a requirement to keep up with the times, because not changing is far riskier. That’s why our Legacy modernization strategies are designed around driving better employee experiences while accelerating change.

Develop a Company-wide Digital Transformation Strategy

Your Digital Transformation journey needs a solid strategy and purpose to drive results. At PreludeSys, we believe in building holistic digital strategies that involves people, processes and technologies. Our custom-built Digital Transformation solutions are strategically designed to enhance productivity, increase competitiveness, get closer to clients and deliver superior customer experiences.

Expertise to Lead Digital Transformation Initiatives

It is a combination of talent and technology that drives your Digital Transformation success. PreludeSys works with you to create a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by the next generation technologies and identify how these technologies can be leveraged to accelerate your business performance. We tailor teams of professionals to fit the specific requirements of your transformation program and work closely with you at all stages of your Digital Transformation journey.

Priceless yet Priced less Digital Transformation Solutions!

PreludeSys comes with over two decades of expertise in digitally transforming companies across industries ranging from Start-ups to Fortune 100s at affordable prices. Our Digital transformation consulting leverages an array of digital technologies including Mobile, Applications, Cloud, Intelligence and others to enable companies to transform customer experiences, enter new markets, and drive top-line and bottom-line results.

We also understand that organizations especially the mid-market firms do not allocate an endless pool of financial resources for their Digital Transformation initiatives. That’s why our array of digital services is designed to deliver breakthrough results yet at a flexible and competitive pricing.

Our Digital Transformation Services


  • App Modernization Assessment


  • From legacy technologies to the latest Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Windows to .NET core


  • Minimally alter the current system to take advantage of cloud
  • Containers/Azure Platform


  • Alter/decompose application to services
  • Microservices, Containers, CI/CD


  • New code with cloud native approach
  • PaaS/SaaS