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October 11, 2019

Want to get more customers? Get closer to customers first!  How to do that? Check out how a BIG 4 music company leveraged Enterprise Mobility Solutions to strengthen their brand by providing an engaging customer experience that helped them retain existing clients and attract new customers to their brand.

According to Cisco,

  • “Monthly mobile data traffic will be 77 exabytes by 2022, and annual traffic will reach almost one zettabyte.”
  • “Mobile will represent 20 percent of the total IP traffic by 2022.”
  • “Smartphones will surpass 90 percent of mobile data traffic by 2022.”
  • “The number of mobile-connected devices per capita will surpass 40 Mbps by 2022.”

And the statistics goes on! If I can do everything with a simple tap and touch, then why should I take a hard route? This mobile-first mentality is drilled in the minds of today’s customers, which is spurring executives to rethink business with enterprise mobility solutions. With enterprise mobility solutions, you will not only get satisfied customers, but it will also enhance productivity and efficiency, promote robust security, and offer greater portability, paperless workflow, anytime, anywhere availability, and more.

To illustrate the value proposition of enterprise mobility solutions further, take a look at one of PreludeSys client’s accomplishments by embracing the solution. Being one of the BIG 4 recording companies with globally established footprints, the organization required a robust and scalable business intelligence reporting solution to blend Cloud services and enterprise mobility solutions on their mobile devices.

All the client’s requirements were met with PreludeSys. The amalgamation of cloud services and enterprise mobility solutions were constructed in three parts.

Data Synchronization:

An automated data synchronizing utility that refreshes the data in the reporting app database on a daily basis

Instant Registration through Web Application:

New users can seamlessly register through the web application; the data of these users will be sent to the administrator for approval. As soon as the admin approves, the OTA link of the application will be sent to the user. By clicking the link, the reporting application will be downloaded and deployed on the user’s iPhone or iPad.

Quick Overview of Daily Reports Anywhere Anytime:

With the customized mobile application, the client was able to seamlessly get the sales data and ranking data of music, video, album, and more. Even the weekly, sales data comparison is displayed in a graph format which provided a clear sales picture. Moreover, this reporting application built using the enterprise mobility framework is compliant with the Apple developer program guidelines for the development of mobile applications. The reporting app will only be available via an Enterprise App Store of the client. This store is a repository for applications developed for Apple devices and hosted by companies for their own use as opposed to consumer-focused Apple App store. Rest assured, the consultant will not market the application on the Apple App store.

This not only increased productivity but also improved customer satisfaction to a great extent. By availing PreludeSys service and solution, the organization savored real-time accessibility, with daily reports better decision making, better user experience in the visuals of the reports, instant notification for real-time updates, and more.

Don’t you want to experience the same?

Come partner with PreludeSys to make your own mobile bandwagon! With more than two decades of IT services experience and as a Microsoft partner with more than 500 certified experts, we offer an end-to-end approach to your Digital Transformation endeavor. To learn how our clients have benefited from our holistic approach to Digital Transformation, check out our customer success stories! To learn more about our Digital Transformation services, Talk to us!

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