Enterprise Mobility Security Risks

April 19, 2013

Enterprise Mobility evolved with the proliferation of mobile devices. With increase in mobile device usage in enterprises, the associated risks with enterprise mobility also increases. Following are some of the risks associated with mobile devices at an enterprise level.

  • Device loss or theft:  Physical loss of the device is the first risk which leads to productivity and loss of sensitive data. This is critical as the possibility of retrieving the device is difficult.

  • Unauthorized network penetration: Since mobile devices provide a variety of network connectivity options like Bluetooth/Wi Fi, they are easy targets of malicious attacks. Attackers who gain access to a mobile device may be able to impersonate a legitimate user and gain access to the corporate network.
  • Intercepted or corrupted data:  As many business transactions take place over mobile devices, there is always a concern that critical data could be intercepted along the path through the Internet cloud, via tapped phone lines or intercepted microwave transmissions.
  • Malicious software: Though traditional desktop malwares like viruses, Trojan horses, and worms are insignificant in mobile devices, there is a growing consensus among security experts that mobile devices will become targets soon.
  • Unsupported or unsigned applications: Even though older applications still work they are dangerous as they may be vulnerable to attack by new viruses. If an unsigned application is installed on a device, it could make changes to a device that would jeopardize its security.