Enterprise Mobility in the Healthcare Industry

March 15, 2013

Healthcare industry is continuously grappling with increased regulations and every increasing patient capacity. In this backdrop it is always trying to find ways and means to improve patient care. It’s one of the industries which has leveraged technology across various stakeholders and varied functions. With the Physicians and Nurses embracing smartphones, healthcare providers are putting together strategies to take advantage of this piece of technology. Mobile apps that enable scheduling, coding and billing help the health care works to do their jobs more efficiently and have a huge impact on the efficiency of operations.

Apps which are delivered on Physicians smartphone or tablet allows the Physician to pull out data from varied sources and provides him a holistic view of the patient’s condition. This enables him to provide better care for the patient. Real time data collection from the patient and availability of this data to physician even when he is far away enables the physician to respond appropriately and aids in better patient care. Patient education apps also help the patients understand and follow the regime suggested by the physician.