Enterprise Mobility- Global Outlook for 2014

January 19, 2014

Enterprise Mobility which has been driven by consumerization of IT, continues to hold high priority in IT strategies. Let us look at some significant trends that are widely expected to play out in 2014.

Applications have begun to get major focus than devices. As a result BYOA and MAM is expected to gain even higher significance. Enterprise App stores adoption is expected to increase in the coming year. In addition to allowing user applications, Enterprises are planning to mobilize core business process to enable flexible work-force. Also Enterprises are expected to upgrade the user-experience of  B2E(Business-Employee) applications. Owing to security risks, Enterprises may reduce/abandon the usage of browser based applications and increase adoption of Hybrid mobile applications.

At present, Marketing and Customer service apps are popular. It is expected to see an increasing number of vertical or role-based mobility programs(Example: Mobile apps for flight pilots) Also 60-70% of field service staff across verticals  will become totally dependent on mobile apps to do their jobs.  Hence  45% of enterprises may spend a minimum of $500,000 on mobility projects over the next 12 to 18 months

Device features like GPS shall  be exploited for Access Management. Wearable technology is expected to gain  significance and gesture-based interfaces are expected to go into post-prototype mode. Both these technologies together can alter the device usage pattern of Mobility. Overall we can observe that Enterprise mobility is moving away from a pure mobility/device strategy  to become a part of IT corporate management.