Enterprise Mobility for Manufacturers

August 30, 2013

Manufacturing companies were the last of the lot to adopt enterprise mobility. Recent statistics suggest that 80% of manufacturers are likely to develop their own enterprise mobile apps in 2013.

A few years ago, manufacturers started to embrace enterprise mobility with customer-service and sales related mobile applications. They hesitated to adopt mobility further due to security concerns. The need to improve efficiency for gaining competitive advantage created opportunity for mobile app development for manufacturing companies.

Today, manufacturers are looking to develop mobile applications configured with capabilities matching the participant roles (say employee, supplier, vendor and customer) in a workflow. Industry experts indicate that these role-based applications can boost productivity by 5%  to 10%.They also bring about re-engineering of existing work-flow, create disruptive models that drive non-linear growth (like customer-notification apps to provide recent product updates and create demand).

A thoughtful methodology for development and deployment is essential for the success of mobility in a manufacturing company. It should address all the requirements and match with the essential functionalities. Also, a comprehensive security policy can alleviate the security concerns and ensures smooth functioning of mobility in the workflow.