Enterprise Mobility – 2013 – The Year Ahead

January 1, 2013

Enterprise mobility has been maturing over the years and 2012 saw newer innovations in app development and strategies. The penetration of mobility in commercial and enterprise spaces has been a gradual process more like an osmotic effect. We have now reached a point where mobility is deliberately forced into systems with employees bringing various mobile devices to the work place. This deliberation will see mobility trends evolving in 2013 and the forthcoming years.

Custom Mobile Enterprise Applications:

Previous years saw the migration of existing enterprise applications into mobile. The future will see increase in custom mobile enterprise applications development. This will contribute to technological innovations throwing newer challenges and opportunities for developers and strategists. This will kindle growing interest in testing, monitoring, securing and use of enterprise apps through corporate app stores.

Shift in Practices:

Bring your own device (BYOD) gained a lot of traction in the past year. The year ahead will see Mobile Application Management (MAM) trending backed by Mobile Device Management (MDM). As enterprise mobile application development grows, the need to manage the apps will also increase. Although MAM solutions will increase, BYOD will also continue to grow depending on the level of enterprise mobilization.

Mobility & Cloud:

With cloud computing also contributing to the consumerization of IT, cloud based mobile solutions will prove to be successful technological combinations. Cloud and mobility are considered as 2 sides of a coin with devices being universally controlled using cloud based mobile applications, MDM, MAM to capitalize and monitor the mobile workforce.