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The number and complexity of a variety of applications across organizations can pose significant challenges to business operations and digital transformation. Enterprises need to be adept and agile to integrate diverse and complex processes and applications quickly and securely. Dell Boomi’s iPaaS platform, a comprehensive suite of on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration and management solutions, is a market-leading integration-as-a-service cloud solution, which can be delivered using PreludeSys’ strategic execution methodology and resources.

Dell Boomi Services: PreludeSys is a Certified Dell Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs. We work closely with Dell Boomi to deliver complex, yet cost-effective integration solutions for Cloud and on-premise applications to enable customers to accelerate business agility and achieve holistic digital transformation.

Using pre-built, defined templates and data models from past integration solutions, we help our clients rapidly get started on integration projects with applications across the organization. Our core offerings under Dell Boomi Services include A2A, EAI, EDI, B2B, ETL, MDM, and API management. PreludeSys’ Applications Managed Services team offers 24x7 support to ensure strong inbound and outbound data flow and connectivity.

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Dell  Services Service Offerings   Services

Consulting Services

  • iPaaS Maturity Assessment
  • Advisory Consulting
  • Architectural Consulting

Implementation Services

  • iPaaS
  • ESB to iPaaS migration
  • Legacy Modernization

Integration Services

  • Cloud Integration
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Data Integration

Managed Services

  • Operations Support
  • Migration Support
  • 24x7 Dedicated Support
Preludesys Why Choose PreludeSys and Dell Boomi Preludesys
  • Gain momentum in business and remove organizational silos through Dell Boomi Implementation. Our certified Dell Boomi consultants leverage the low-code, cloud-native integration platform to deliver Process Integration, MDM, EDI, Boomi Flow, Dell Boomi Migration and more.
  • With over 20 years of deep industry knowledge and expertise, PreludeSys is building the right capabilities on Dell Boomi with a dedicated team of trained & certified resources to do the necessary integrations. PreludeSys’ Dell Boomi services enables medium, small, and large enterprises to address their unique business needs and access the right methodology for integration with a fraction of time. PreludeSys focuses on streamlining enterprise cloud applications and on-premise platforms with Dell Boomi’s exclusive iPaaS features.
Dell Boomi PartnersBenefits for PreludeSys Customers, in partnership with Dell Boomi Dell Boomi Partners
  • Automated business processes and normalized data across a variety of applications through Dell Boomi Implementation
  • Reduce Implementation risks with other cloud and on premise applications and/or during Dell Boomi Migration
  • Seamless Dell Boomi integration will drive better customer/user experience
  • Synchronization and consolidation of data across various business applications
  • A broad set of connectors to facilitate integration between any combinations of applications through Dell Boomi Integration Services
  • Comprehensive suite of Dell Boomi Services to cater to your unique Integration requirements