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Pay-As-You-Use Engagement Model Preludesys

Dell Boomi Integration Services On-Demand

When you are using an Advanced Integration Platform (iPaaS) like Dell Boomi,the customization work, maintenance activities or client requests would be significant, but tend to fluctuate and not be constant. In this scenario, retaining a full-time vendor or a strong in-house team can be very challenging on the infrastructure and budget. If you retain a vendor or hire a strong in-house team, you end up spending a lot for less or inconsistent work. If you have a lean team or go without a vendor, you may come across a sudden spike in requirements which can overwhelm you. There is a gap between these two extremes. Our Dell Boomi Integration services on-demand fills the gap!

Once you subscribe to our Dell Boomi integration services on-demand, we are available 24 x7. Every time there is a requirement, large or small, we come in, deliver, and bill you only for the hours consumed. On Demand Services is not only about Pay-As-You-Use, but there are a lot more features like a designated custom success manager, org assessment, and advisory services.

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Preludesys How does On Demand Services work for you Preludesys

We drive your digital transformation strategy by optimizing your Enterprise Integration and data management needs with our Dell Boomi consulting services. As certified Boomi Partners, we enhance your productivity through continuous engagement and On Demand execution.


  • We understand your goals, drivers, and challenges
  • We map your business needs to strategic integration solution
  • We innovate by identifying new opportunities and strategies


  • We assess and analyze your existing IT environment
  • We plug identified gaps through integration possibilities
  • We createopportunities through advanced data management


  • Track your progress using standard metrics and benchmarking
  • Measure the value generated through Boomi integration services
  • Stay in the edge of technology with updates and new releases
Preludesys Benefits of On Demand Services for Dell Boomi Preludesys

When You Engage On Demand Services for Dell Boomi Solutions, you not only ensure a solid ROI on your integration spend, but also sign on to integrated peace of mind!

Cost Effective "PAY-AS-YOU-USE" Model

Address Skill Gaps

Institutionalized Tribal Knowledge

Availability and Scalability of Resources

Eliminate Capacity vs. Demand Issues


Customer Testimonials

Reusable integration framework designed by the Prelude implementation team based on Boomi AtomSphere allowed customers to integrate SuccessFactors with multiple target applications, that involved very short turnaround times for implementation & deployment.

Methodology followed by the Prelude implementation team based on Boomi AtomSphere allowed us to integrate multiple disparate systems and alleviate multiple manual processes into a simplistic automated solution that is easy to maintain and understand.