Dell Boomi vs. Informatica Cloud - Key differentiators of Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi vs. Informatica Cloud – Key differentiators of Dell Boomi

June 17, 2020
dell boomi v informatica Cloud

Cloud integration is a game-changer that has revolutionized the integration concept by offering a flexible and scalable solution. With the market in its prime, several vendors have started to provide Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). With the option of plenty, organizations are debating on what is the best available integration service provider in the market. Two frontrunners have emerged from the haze. Though both Dell Boomi and Informatica Cloud are iPaaS providers that have become the talk of the cloud integration technology, here are certain comparisons of Dell Boomi and Informatica Cloud and features of Dell Boomi that proves it has the edge over Informatica Cloud.

Key differentiators of Dell Boomi:

Ease of use: The tool is easy to use with frequent updates to the platform and great visuals that help throughout the process without a large learning curve. Dell Boomi also offers boundless support documents and community.

Routing and orchestration capabilities: Dell Boomi provides integration capabilities such as routing, transformation, orchestration, and error handling, for both on-premises and cloud-native systems. Also, it is proven that Boomi has better routing and orchestration capabilities.

Sophisticated tools: Boomi offers a more sophisticated tool to manage Integration flow development and lifecycle management. The operational monitoring of integration flow is rated better in the case of Dell Boomi’s comparison with any other iPaaS technologies.

Data Quality and Governance: When it comes to Dell Boomi vs. Informatica cloud, the highly argued is Informatica is valued higher in data quality management capabilities. But, Dell Boomi, through it’s Boomi’s MDM, caters to all the data quality and governance challenges.

Built-in connectors: In Dell Boomi vs. Informatica cloud, Boomi has a lot of built-in connectors, and new connectors that are frequently added make the integrations using Dell Boomi faster and easier.

The volume of data: For integration, Dell Boomi does not have any limit to the data handled. It can handle high volume integrations as well.

Choose the right solution!!

That is a glimpse of what Dell Boomi has to offer to arguably become the best iPaaS available in the market. However, knowing which iPaaS is the best isn’t enough; choosing a suitable iPaaS provider is key to successfully adopting cloud technologies.

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