Cloud & Intelligence in 2013

January 8, 2013

The IT industry is ready for a new set of challenges in 2013. With expertise in mobile, cloud & big data, we will just focus on these 3 areas and what 2013 has in store in the 3 categories of IT evolution. Mobile trends have been discussed in the previous post “Enterprise Mobility – 2013 – The year ahead”. Let’s take a look at Cloud and Intelligence.


Industry predictions indicate there will be a surge in strategic hybrid mixes of public cloud services and commercial private cloud services. Customers will get smarter and decide what should be on-premise and what should go into the cloud. For companies who are beginning to move into the cloud platform, they will opt for private clouds. Forrester research indicates that mobile devices and applications will rely on cloud for its cost efficiency and processing power. As individuals/employees shift their mode of information storage and sharing to cloud, personal clouds will gain traction. 2013 will see enterprises adopting cloud practices more for disaster recovery. Industry experts state that the frictionless nature of moving workloads between clouds in the face of a disaster is huge, as it gives companies the flexibility they need to adapt. The cloud will become a key component of their disaster recovery plans.


Advancement in in-memory computing, big data, visualization and data integration and analytics will be seen in 2013. Enterprises will use intelligence applications using in-memory analysis to improve performance. The definition of big data which is restricted to Hadoop will widen and will comprise of every possible data including architectures, data warehouses, application databases, file systems and cloud storage to name a few. No data will go unseen or untapped. With more data sources, better visualization techniques will be developed to spot patterns and trends. Increased visualization will result in enhanced analytics. Efficient analytics will be derived by integrating the various types of data in the right scenario at the right time.

Though cloud, intelligence and mobile have been existing for sometime now, 2013 will see the refinement of techniques used in cloud and intelligence with mobile integration to a large extent.