Cloud in Media

June 13, 2014

Entertainment is a  stress-buster in our hectic life. Mass Media (Like Cinema, Television) which has evolved due to  technology growth, has become a  primary source of today’s  entertainment .The advent of media-friendly  but storage-shy mobile devices coupled with better networking infrastructure  has led to  decreasing customer preference for traditional media channels . This has driven the media industry to focus on Cloud to reach the customer via alternate channels.

An IBM survey  says that  82 percent of Media and Entertainment (M&E) respondents have piloted/adopted Cloud. It also says that M&E companies  have begun to focus on cloud  to improve business capabilities  than internal efficiency. Cloud has enabled media companies to easily collaborate and exchange content with various stakeholders (like media technicians, distributors etc ) .It  also facilitates online streaming of video content (like movies) and hence media companies allows customers to subscribe(with/without  a fee) and watch them. Some media companies allows customers who purchase blue-ray  discs  to  download a digital copy of a movie or stream it to their device.  Thus cloud has opened opportunities to rebalance product/service mix, new revenue streams and new distribution channels /markets.

Cloud offers numerous operational benefits. It brings cost flexibility by driving out the need for high capital investment in IT infrastructure.  It allows rapid prototyping of products/services which enables easy adoption of innovative ideas and faster time to market. Yet, Security/Privacy issues remain a challenge in cloud usage and makes it vulnerable to piracy. Adoption of private/ hybrid cloud (for highly secured data storage)  and a comprehensive cloud strategy that  employs sound  encryption techniques  shall negate the challenges and  sustain cloud as a tool for  media innovation.