Cloud App Development – How different is it?

February 21, 2013

Cloud based application development also goes through a similar development process as a desktop / web application – Requirement collection, Design, Develop, Test & Deploy. So is there any difference during the cloud app development phase that developers should note?

Cloud App Development Difference

Cloud App development involves accessing applications and services on hosted servers over the web. This solves the issues with infrastructure but changes the way developers have to handle databases and frameworks. Cloud App Development This means that they need to understand how databases, message servers or other services are deployed in a distributed environment. A typical cloud based application will have parts of the app in different places. This necessitates developers to devise smart ways to address system architecture and application scalability. The use of standard relational or SQL model of databases becomes difficult to handle during high traffic situations in a cloud application. Developers need to store data in multiple places at the same time for the apps to run efficiently. The cloud environment changes very rapidly compared to a desktop environment and it is essential for developers to stay updated to take advantage of the cloud.