A leading property management company leverages PreludeSys services to build a Skuid-based SF website and customize their Salesforce application

Client is a leading premium residential and commercial properties management company

Business Challenge

The client is using Salesforce to manage their customer data and they have a small in-house team to handle this. They were getting a lot of customer queries through e-mails and they had to enter the details manually in Salesforce. The customer wanted to automate this mail-to-task assignment and workflow process. The client also wanted a website where new leads can register. They wanted this data to be fed into their Salesforce application. The customer’s in-house team also needed support on their existing development in addition to these requirements.


  • Saved time on contract process – 90% of contracts are signed on the same day, 71% within an hour, and 60% within 15 minutes
  • Mail-to-case feature enabled the client to respond to customer queries quickly and increased their productivity by 40%.
  • Skuid based Salesforce website provided a trendy UI and enhanced the customer experience
  • Web-to-lead feature simplified and automated the customer’s lead acquisition process
  • Customer also benefited from better test classes and improved code coverage for their existing Salesforce instance

PreludeSys Solution

The customer chose to avail the service offered by Preludesys, where dedicated captive resources were made accessible to fulfill the customer’s business needs at an optimal cost. Under customer engagement strategy, PreludeSys provided a technical account manager who, as part of the Advisory Services, analyzed the customer’s existing Salesforce instance, and immediately had the test classes reviewed by PreludeSys Salesforce experts and improved the existing code coverage.

The PreludeSys Salesforce team then proceeded to implement the email-to-case feature wherein any tickets raised through e-mail would automatically be converted to a case in Salesforce and assigned appropriately. The team also developed a website on Salesforce with the revolutionary Skuid user interface. The “contact us” page of this website had a lead registration form. The PreludeSys team implemented the web-to-lead feature, which facilitated auto lead generation for the client by integrating this form with client’s Salesforce application.