Child care non-profit organization migrates their informatica guides to salesforce components.

Child care non-profit organization migrates their informatica guides to salesforce components.

Plan International is a development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. The organization is active in 77 countries and have reached 21.6 million girls and 18.9 million boys through their work.

Challenges faced by the Client

The client had ambitiousprojects coming up and so wanted some of their outdated processes to be upgraded. Presently customer inputs are collected from different channels and processed separately that they could not access all the data from the same place. Collection and maintenance of data in different channels also paved way for data duplication and wastage of efforts with different teams working in silos and performing the same tasks. Client wanted to centralize customer input and remove duplications and redundancy from their process.

PreludeSys Solution

PreludeSys team performed a preliminary assessment of the client’s org and realized they had Salesforce CRM, a fund raising app called Luminate Online and Informatica Cloud. PreludeSys decided to use Informatica to integrate all of client’s data and apps in a seamless manner to create a single customer input repository. Informatica guides and processes were migrated to Salesforce to create a central dashboard in Salesforce Lightning module. Once all integrations were completed, redundant tools and process duplications were identified and decommissioned.

Applications Integrated



  • Streamlined customer input capture without any hassle.
  • Improved agent interaction processes.
  • Decommissioned redundancy in tools and processes.



Client, “A complex project that involved hybrid teams – salesforce, informatica, Luminate, etc. were handled seamlessly by the Prelude implementation team. Reverse engineering the current Informatica based process and finalizing the proposed design in Salesforce was done in a very short turnaround time.”