Careers Express Yourself!

A Chosen Pursuit!

We don’t offer a JOB. We offer a Career that exposes you to challenges, which brings out the best in you. Being a Preludian is an experience by itself and only the best and qualified will have the opportunity to take that journey. We are on the constant lookout for personalities with character and professionalism beyond just technical expertise.


PreludeSys culture is open and amiable. This culture nurtures innovation and creativity. It encourages risk taking and kindles the entrepreneurial fire in the individuals. It also ensures an environment where knowledge acquired is shared, doubts, are addressed. Grievances uttered are redressed.


PreludeSys is a company which doesn´t give you a job but a career. Growth is what stimulates and encourages mankind. Being one of the fastest growing IT company, PreludeSys encourages its employees in both monetary as well as in non-monetary terms. We also give every employee an opportunity to work in global environment by deploying them in our various branches in the world.