Bring Your Own Application (BYOA)

October 22, 2013

Enterprises have begun to focus on applications along with devices. Applications can be critical applications (like ERP) which are vital for enterprise to function or non-critical applications (like chat messenger) which add value by enhancing ease of communication and collaboration. Critical applications are industry specific and have lot of domain specific business processes embedded in them but non-critical applications (consumer applications) are mostly generic (like file sharing). As more and more consumer applications make their way into the enterprises, they have to put in policies like BYOA to manage them within the enterprise.

Evolving enterprise mobile strategy looks at right mix of enterprise and consumer applications. Enterprises can use criteria like Features, Deployability and Maintenance to arrive at the right mix.

Enterprises should look out for features which fulfills a business need (like communication between employees). They should also look out for the security features of the application. This shall protect the enterprise data from being stolen/misused. From deployment perspective, enterprises should look out for ease of integration with critical enterprise applications. In case of multiple options, enterprises can chose the ones with less effort for integration. Frequency of upgrades, Performance attributes (like resource consumption) should be considered  to  evaluate the maintenance effort and cost.