Big Data in Media

August 18, 2014

In our previous blog post we discussed about the benefits of cloud adoption in Media industry. Though Content is the king in media industry, yet in spite of development and delivery of quality content, business growth did not follow suit. Since Good content is becoming no longer scarce due to increased competitiveness and availability of a large number of content creators, it doesn’t find an audience on its own. Rather media organizations need to attract audience for their content to sustain and grow further. To achieve this, organizations should be able to identify the right type of audience and the right content to be used to target them. This is where Big data can be useful to media organizations.

Big data can be used to precisely segment the audience based on demographic factors and understand the content preference (like TV shows, News, Feature films).of each segment. This avoids the wastage in allocation of media slots to the wrong content. Also Big data can go a step above to understand the preference of each segment’s content consumption (like full-length videos or short videos).This understanding can be useful for content delivery. Big data can be used to verify the content for plagiarism to avoid any copyright infringement.

In addition to the core media functionality, Big data plays a role in other areas too . Big data analytics is useful to make decisions about budget allocation for various activities (like content development, distribution, promotion etc) in near real-time. It becomes a needed tool to recruit talented resources in today’s competitive market. It is also useful to evaluate and rate third-party content developers (like columnists, TV series producers) based on factors like history, quality of content etc. This rating shall be used in selection of content developers to engage with. The analytical information mined out using Big data tools is very vital to monitor and improve efficiency of operational activities (like content production). Overall, Big data has the potential to  provide a range of benefits across functionalities for any media enterprise.