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In today’s cloud-driven

In today’s cloud-driven environment, moving to cloud makes more sense than ever before. Cloud allows for auto software upgrades, datacenter consolidation, centralized security, and enhances capabilities in scaling and features. With Microsoft Azure you will be investing in a single infrastructure cost and virtually move from CapEx to OpEx. Our Microsoft Azure Migration Services has cost-effective and flexible cloud migration paths. The fully managed platform offers you a Migration Assistant tool to automate Application migrations. With the experienced guidance of PreludeSys experts, leverage Azure’s entire stack of tools and resources to migrate apps, data, and infrastructure.


Preludesys Assess Preludesys

We thoroughly comb through your servers, list down and audit every component that needs to be migrated. These components include, but not limited to, servers both physical and virtual, VMware & Hyper-V, Database, applications, networks, data centers, Identities, Access, Social IDs, etc. In consultation with our clients and taking into consideration their existing state of systems, dependencies, we work out a simple, quick, and cost-effective Azure migration plan.


Migrate to Azure Migrate Migrate to Azure

Our Azure Migration Services plan will include options for different migration scenarios, migration sequence, and anticipating and resolving potential roadblocks while minimizing or avoiding downtime for the clients. With an expert team of specialists, we execute our cloud migration strategy to perfection while invoking the prepared workarounds where applicable. We have fine-tuned our move-test-move migration method using Azure Site Recovery (ASR).


Azure cloud optimization Optimize Azure cloud optimization

Azure cloud optimization is a continuous process, and as your partners we will work with you to monitor and perfect your cloud instance through Azure Migration Services. At a tactical level, we help ensure performance, reliability, security, and cost with the right tools. We help you apply best practices architecturally while developing new workloads. At an organizational level, we work with you to fine-tune your cloud adoption strategy. Simplify your cloud migration, optimize costs and improve efficiency by Migrating to Azure.

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