IoT Application Development with Azure IoT Suite

IoT Application Development with Azure IoT Suite

October 5, 2020
Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Industries & Enterprises today are fortunate enough to be a part of the smart and digitally connected world that has redefined business operations. The redefining phase has witnessed many technology shifts & upgrades that have driven enterprises to step out of their comfort zone and attune to something new every time. One of the pivotal technological advancements that have made us ponder in recent years is the Internet of Things (IoT). The stupendous evolution of IoT is significant proof of its boundless solutions that it could offer businesses today.

Regardless of its immense capabilities, IoT’s rapid advancements were uplifted with the addition of Wireless Technologies, NFC & RFID, Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, and other vital technological advancements.

How IoT empowers the Business World?

There are ample reasons why enterprises are switching to IoT application development to enhance their business operations. Being one of the important future-driven technologies that can help your businesses scale up, IoT is offering enterprises a new operational spectrum that is smart, efficient, and scalable. In fact, IoT has started to shape enterprises worldwide to build solutions that don’t just fit their current requirements but also be adaptable to the technology upgrades in the coming years.

A greater ratio of IT managers and decision-makers has started to explore the significant benefits of IoT & the unparalleled solutions it offers enterprises. A study by Gartner on the IoT technologies and trends indicate that 80% of the respondent organizations who have adopted IoT solutions are experiencing positive results, while some of the organizations have even exceeded their planned outcomes.

Adding value to the Gartner study, IDC’s 7th Annual Global IoT Decision-Maker Survey reveals that 85% of the survey respondents have already invested or have planned to invest in the IoT projects. Therefore, the rate at which IoT continues to evolve makes it an inevitable part of your digital transformation journey.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

You can’t truly imagine a Digital Transformation era without IoT in it. Such is its impact in today’s world.

Introducing Azure IoT Suite

A large number of enterprises today are relying on IoT solutions to revamp their business operations & improve the operational efficiency of their workflows. This transitional change is also happening faster, allowing the industry leaders to propose efficient IoT platforms & suites to help businesses transform within a shorter period.

Being an enterprise, you may have come across multiple IoT Platforms\Suites that could add value to your business. But there are a few important factors that need to be considered before choosing your desired IoT platform,

  • Reliability & Scalability 
  • Device Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Analytics Features
  • Edge Intelligence Capabilities
  • Connectivity Platforms
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Security Features

Considering the key factors & the impeccable solutions it offers, we strongly recommend Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite for your IoT application development. Being a leader in IoT, Azure IoT suite will offer a new facet to your business with its wide array of pre-configured IoT solutions.

Why Azure IoT for Application Development

With the aid of Azure IoT Suite, you can easily build & deploy scalable IoT applications within a quick timeframe. Powered by the right set of tools, Azure IoT Suite is designed in such a way that it fits well for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, you needn’t be worried about your technical expertise over IoT or be concerned with the customization of your IoT application, as we can help you strategize the right approach for your IoT solution.

The three pivotal yet fundamental factors that distinguish Microsoft Azure IoT Suite from the rest are,

  • FLEXIBILITY                             
  • INTELLIGENCE                          

So, if you are looking to build a scalable and robust IoT application, then the obvious and most trusted IoT suite you can leverage would be the Azure IoT Suite.

Being an enterprise, wouldn’t you love if you are offered an intelligent & flexible IoT platform that can help you build scalable & robust IoT applications with ease? Azure IoT is one such kind that is predominantly known for its operational structure of keeping solutions simple and efficient.

Microsoft Azure IoT suite

A Glimpse of Azure IoT solutions

Azure IoT Central – Azure IoT central is the application platform that allows you to build & connect your IoT devices to the cloud. It allows for integrations with the current business applications, promising greater security for your applications. The Azure IoT Central also offers industry-specific app templates for you to get started with your app development.

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators – Substantially known for its ready-to-deploy IoT solutions, Azure IoT accelerators are largely leveraged for the common IoT scenarios that include remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, device simulation, and several more. Considered as the fastest solution to deployment, you can effortlessly customize your IoT solution based on the requirements with the aid of solution accelerators.

Azure IoT Edge – If you are looking to build apps that utilize edge computing, then Azure IoT Edge is your go-to solution. Built on the Azure IoT Hub, IoT Edge provides you the scope to deploy your cloud workloads on IoT edge devices for efficient handling of offload AI and analytics. IoT Edge’s integration with Azure Security Centre promises end-to-end protection for your apps.

Azure IoT Hub – Azure IoT Hub is the core component of the IoT suite that serves as a connection gateway between the IoT devices and Azure. The most significant aspect of the IoT Hub is that it allows bidirectional communication in the IoT applications you build. The Azure IoT Hub is fully integrated with the Event Grid and is also compatible with the Azure IoT Edge.

Azure Sphere – The Azure Sphere offers you a comprehensive IoT security solution that encompasses hardware, OS, and cloud components, ensuring the utmost security to protect your data and infrastructure. Promising in-depth security and Over-the-air (OTA) updates, the Azure Sphere enables you to be proactive with the evolving security threats. With features like certificate-based authentication and error reporting, Azure Sphere fortifies maximum security to the enterprise and the customers.

In addition to the above, Microsoft Azure offers you plenty more solutions like App Service, Stream Analytics, Blob Storage, Azure IoT Device Simulation, Time Series Insights, and Remote Monitoring features to construct robust & scalable IoT applications.

It’s Decision Time

Now that you have a holistic understanding of the Azure IoT Suite and its intelligent solutions, the next big step is to put your requirements on the table and discuss the roadmap to your IoT application development. Formulating an initial sketch of the IoT application that your enterprise demands will help determine the right set of Azure IoT Solutions for your application. And, we could help you with this process by,

  • Structuring the Initial Idea & Identifying the key objectives
  • Comprehending the primary & in-depth requirements
  • Evaluating the existing infrastructure challenges
  • Determining the development stack
  • Planning the development phases
  • Execution, Test, & Deployment
  • Application Support & Maintenance

We wouldn’t just be your usual technology partner who comes with a stereotype solution, executes it, and walks away, defining a set of maintenance instructions. No, we don’t work that way!

At PreludeSys, we take time to understand your business and develop compelling solutions to redefine your Business Operations. We work with you in tandem throughout the development journey to assure a complete line of transparency in operations and collaborate effectively to evaluate and improve the output at every phase. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have years of experience in helping enterprises with digital transformation services & offering innovative solutions.

We’re just one call away!

Don’t worry anymore about the constraints of building an IoT application. Empower your business operations with the latest IoT solutions. With the right mix of functional & technical expertise, we’ll help you build robust, scalable, and intelligent IoT solutions.

Think the IoT Way!

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