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Preludesys Reimagine customer experience

Preludesys Build conversational experiences

Preludesys Enhance with endless possibilities

Create compelling conversations with your customers

Build a smart, enterprise-grade bot that helps you deliver customer delight without compromising on customer data. From a Q&A bot to building your own virtual assistant, build any bot that delivers customer support 24/7 with Azure Bot Development.

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Build a bot that can interact with users by integrating Azure cognitive services effortlessly.

Apply open-source SDK tools to build, test and publish your bot to Microsoft Azure.

Install your bot across channels to interact with your customers.

Build your own branded virtual assistant using solution accelerators.


Build natural language and speech capabilities to your bot

Enhance user experience through conversational bots that are powered with Azure cognitive Solutions & AI services without having prior experience in machine learning.

  • Speech

  • Search

  • Language

  • QnA Maker

  • Vision

Transform Your bots in phases

Build an open-end framework that helps you create a basic informational bot to slow-down high volume of enquiries. In the hindsight, advanced bots and virtual assistants come a long way to handle multi-turn conversations seamlessly with your users.


Reach-out to your customers, wherever they are

Find your customer tribe wherever they are. Integrate Azure bot services across your channels such as websites, Skye, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger etc. Be there, everywhere!

Preludesys Position Your Brand using Virtual Assistant backed by data Preludesys

A virtual assistant is tailored to deliver personalized experiences to customers across applications and devices using Virtual Assistant solutions accelerator without a compromise on customer data.

Bot augmentation using skill enhancement

Implement ideas to life by using an open-source bot framework-SDK, to extend your bot capabilities, whether it is by using Azure Chatbot Development tools or power virtual agents

Transition customer conversations from bot to human agents with ease

Build a powerful bot that can identify the need for human intervention with Azure Bot Development Services. For scenarios such as customer escalations and informational enquiries, your bot caninterpret the intent and sentiment of the customer using Azure Cognitive Services & Azure AI Services such as Natural Language Understanding and Text Analytics.

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