Modernization Services

  • Breathe new life into your legacy systems
  • Boost performance, scalability and customer engagement

Business Capabilities

Improve your business capabilities

Is your technology holding you back? Organizations that run on legacy applications face business challenges such as incompatible systems, reduced business efficiency and high maintenance costs. Gain competitive advantage, establish continuous value creation and business growth with our application modernization services.

Team Answers

Application Modernization raises a lot of questions…

How to reduce technical

Will the converted code
be a reflection of my
existing code?

How do I keep pace with
evolving business needs?

Our team have the answers

Our application modernization team leads our clients through the challenging transition from legacy systems and enables them to adapt to modern demands with speed and agility.

Move your apps from on-premises to the cloud with minimal or no code changes or quickly build new web apps and APIs on the cloud. Reduce downtimes, minimize risk, and scale apps on an enterprise grade platform. Each application can take a different journey to the cloud, like refactor, re-architect or rebuild.

What we do?

What We Do

Requirements and Scoping

We assess your legacy application to define which application changes/improvements can deliver the most business value. Whether it is revamping your UX, automating existing workflows or migrating to a trusted IaaS platform like Microsoft Azure we offer solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Re-engineering Solutions

Our certified team provides application modernization services that improve maintainability, improve scalability, pre-empt performance issues and enable your organization to move quickly from the technical constraints of continuing with a legacy system.

Launch and Ongoing Support

We don’t hand over a solution and disappear. Our team of Microsoft Azure experts will help you develop, deploy, configure and launch your re-engineered solution quickly. Reduce your maintenance costs and prevent technical issues with our ongoing technical support.


The Usual Approach

  • Complete overhaul of existing legacy application and processes
  • Frequent downtimes and workflow disruptions
  • Swap out of teams
  • Multi-year, expensive and complex projects

The PreludeSys Approach

  • Business capability modernization
  • Iterative and flexible approach
  • Address resource challenges/ Retain team
  • Modernization services tailored to your business needs


PreludeSys QuickFix

Application modernization can be a long journey. Are you on a tight budget or in the
do-I-need-to-modernize phase? Let’s start small. Our Azure experts start with a thorough analysis
of your legacy application.

Smaller problems with your legacy system such as an outdated interface are resolved. Minor
issues with codes and processes are fixed to keep downtime and budgets to a minimum.

Start Now


The pursuit of the next begins now

Operational Efficiency

We update your tech stack and make existing applications more functional to maximize operational efficiency.

Zero Down on

Our continuous development processes eliminates the need for a freeze that results in downtime.

App Maintainability

We’ll ensure your application incorporates all benefits of the cloud and results in easier maintenance.

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Future-proof your applications

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