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Choosing the right approach to application modernization requires an understanding of the business goals, cost and technical complexity. PreludeSys realizes that many enterprise applications have made significant investment in legacy technologies that make it cost prohibitive to modernize with a big-bang approach. That is why PreludeSys provides you a range of services and benefits, with each requiring a different degree of application modernization techniques. For example, an application can be migrated to Azure App Service, or converted to run in containers, with relatively few changes. At the other extreme, the application can be re-written as a fully server-less architecture utilizing Azure Functions and higher-level Azure services

Refactor minimally to leverage Cloud

Preludesys Refactor minimally to leverage Cloud Preludesys

Refactor or Repackage strategy is the quickest way to modernize apps in cloud migration, all you have to do is update the code and application configuration. It allows users to extend the line-of-business applications to optimize the value of existing applications and reap the benefits of cloud, web, and mobile friendly platforms. This ensures that your legacy app is still functional on cloud and web and can be accessed with minimal effort.

Re-architect apps to achieve agility

Preludesys Re-architect apps to achieve agility Preludesys

When it comes to re-architect, the application will be remodeled with a new code and configuration to upgrade it and promote a modernized architecture. This promotes improved efficiency. Of all, Re-architecting apps based on micro services promotes greater agility and scalability. This way, you can make the most on existing application investments and bring new Azure capabilities to existing applications.

Rebuild as cloud-native applications

Preludesys Rebuild as cloud-native applications Preludesys

To rebuild is to revamp the entire application right from the scratch using cloud native technologies. What’s more is Azure provides complete development and deployment in the cloud without any expense or complexity of software licenses. With Azure, you can build innovating applications by utilizing the advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and more.