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Every modern business is powered by applications used by employees, partners, and customers. As your business prepares for digital transformation, it is important to begin modernizing and migrating your applications and infrastructure to the cloud. There are many paths towards Legacy App modernization—your organization could lift-and-shift (migrate) your servers to the cloud and update the tools later or you could start from scratch (modernize) and build new applications for the cloud. These decisions are unique to your company and your business goals. Our unparalleled App Modernization Services help you make this strategic decision and choose the path that is right for your organization.

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Modernize with Azure App Service

A fully managed platform for building, deploying and scaling your web application.


Move your apps from on-premises to the cloud with minimal or no code changes or quickly build new web apps and APIs on the cloud. Reduce downtimes, minimize risk, and scale apps on an enterprise grade platform. Each application can take a different journey to the cloud, like refactor, rearchitect or rebuild. Some of the common modernization triggers include the need to deliver applications and features faster, urgent capacity needs, software/hardware refresh or a transformative solution to go to market. Our custom-made App Modernization Services will help you to choose and adopt the right path depending on your short- and long-term objectives and goals.

Re-architect apps to achieve agility


Refactor with Containers

Modernize with minimal or no code changes using containers, a mechanism to package applications to abstract from the environment in which they run, allowing your applications to be more portable.

Rebuild as cloud-native applications


Rearchitect with Microservices

Free your apps of inter dependencies through microservices. Build apps composed of small, independent, loosely coupled services capable of a specific or single business capability. Each microservice can be built independently using the tools and technologies that is best fit for the business requirement and can make maintenance easier.


Rebuild for Cloud

Build cloud native apps with serverless cloud-computing and fully managed platform provided by Azure. This approach will help you focus on the application functionality and code and not worry about the infrastructure and scalability. If your current applications are in legacy environment, it’s vital to modernize your legacy apps with new functionalities or capabilities. This can be added to your existing on-premises apps through serverless functions that can be triggered though APIs and events and thus leverage various PaaS capabilities and innovative solutions available on Azure. Transform your legacy apps to become more robust and agile with our Legacy System Modernization services.

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