Window.Postmessage and Cross-Origin Communication

December 20, 2016

The window.postMessage() enables safe and secure cross-origin communication. Normally, scripts on different pages are allowed to access each other if the pages are executed at the same location and use the same protocol. The window.postMessage() provides a secure mechanism to override this restriction to communicate between windows residing on different origins. Since this postMessage() method is a JavaScript API method, this is independent of the development environment (.NET, Java, PHP etc.) and can be used in any modern web browsers including IE8. Continue reading “Window.Postmessage and Cross-Origin Communication”

Angular JS App Performance Improvement with Bindonce

December 14, 2016

Angular uses dirty checking to keep track of all the changes in the app. It will have to go through every watcher to check if they need to be updated. It will continue this process until all of the watchers have been updated and app has stabilized. If there are more than 2000 watchers, it can lag the UI, and this number can be reached easily if we don’t pay attention to the data binding. Continue reading “Angular JS App Performance Improvement with Bindonce”

Salesforce Appexchange: Challenges in Using Chargent App through Object Triggers

October 21, 2016

Using triggers to do small logical units of work whenever a record is created/updated etc. is very convenient and seems logical too. One of our projects required automated retry of failed credit card payments after one day of failure. To implement this, we used triggers to initiate time-based workflows and then these triggers would, in turn, update a field on the object after a specific amount of time, and which in turn will invoke the trigger to retry payments. When recurring payments was tested for this retry scenario, Chargent App would intermittently time out and throw exceptions or decline transactions, thinking these were duplicate transactions. Continue reading “Salesforce Appexchange: Challenges in Using Chargent App through Object Triggers”

Salesforce App Cloud

March 17, 2016

What is Salesforce App Cloud?           

Apps are where your customers meet your brand. App Cloud is a new one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing apps using the same technology and expertise that fuels our success. App Cloud gives you the tools to build beautiful, engaging apps that transform the customer experience.

Reinvent the website:

Salesforce IoT Cloud

March 9, 2016

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a hot topic today which is going to provide a lot of opportunities with lot of challenges. IoT is a giant network of connected things.  It’s a connection between people-thing, thing-thing, and thing–people. So, basically IoT is nothing but the technology which connects the people and all the possible things in the world to make human life easier.

For example:  Consider a car which has access to calendar and whenever you are stuck in traffic, the car automatically notifies the event organiser that you will be late to meeting.

Continue reading “Salesforce IoT Cloud”

Salesforce Community Cloud

March 1, 2016

Salesforce Community Cloud connects contacts across the project life- cycle, from manufacturers and distributors to partners and end users, so they can share valuable data and learn from each other as they interact with your brand. Additionally, all of these capabilities are mobile-ready and can be connected to other Salesforce data.

Key Features:

  • Ability to easily share and collaborate
  • Lower cost

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

February 16, 2016

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, previously known as Exact Target, is the digital marketing arm of the Salesforce product family. The software helps digital marketers to create personalized 1-to-1 email communications to drive better customer engagement and marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps build better customer journeys and enhance customer engagement with brands across channels outside of email as well including web, mobile, social and ads.

The Marketing Cloud email marketing solution is scalable and comprehensive. Continue reading “Salesforce Marketing Cloud”

Salesforce Service Cloud

February 4, 2016

Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s best customer service solution. Built on SaaS model, it provides more effective and productive customer service on cloud.  With service cloud, companies can scale their operations quickly and easily to meet their current as well as future service requirements. The Salesforce service cloud enhances an organization’s customer service with in-app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities and social media.

Key Benefits of Service Cloud:

Salesforce – Sales Cloud

January 27, 2016

As promised we are continuing from where we left off in our previous blog on different Salesforce clouds.  Here, we are taking a closer look at Salesforce Sales Cloud.

 Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a great solution to rapidly and cost effectively deploy Salesforce to manage your B2B and B2C engagement and sales strategies. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with core CRM tools such as account and contact management, as well as enhanced CRM tools for marketing, lead management, sales and analytics. Continue reading “Salesforce – Sales Cloud”