Salesforce IOT Cloud

November 4, 2015

Salesforce wants to help customers make sense of all of the data coming from the growing number of connected devices often referred to as the Internet of Things. IoT Cloud connects billions of events from devices, sensors, applications and more from the Internet of Things to Salesforce, enabling companies to unlock insights from the connected world.

The IoT Cloud will allow businesses to create real-time proactive actions for sales, service, marketing or any other business process, delivering a new kind of customer success. Continue reading “Salesforce IOT Cloud”

Salesforce in Healthcare

September 21, 2015
According to 2015 State of the connected Patient report, “Modern technology plays a crucial role in addressing the challenge of delivering preventative care. About 40% of patients surveyed in the report said they currently receive no preventative care recommendations from their physicians and 71% of millennial patients responded they would like to engage with their provider via a mobile app.”

Salesforce for Healthcare is ready for this new world, with a platform that connects conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient data in a whole new way.

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Duplicate Management for Salesforce(From

July 13, 2015


Duplicate Management is a new Salesforce feature that helps to maintain cleaner data by preventing creation of duplicated data. Duplicate Management is used to control creation of  duplicate records in Salesforce by users, customize the logic that is used to identify duplicates; and create reports on the duplicates that users save. Continue reading “Duplicate Management for Salesforce(From”

Visualforce Remote Objects

June 9, 2015

Visual force Remote Objects is an effective tool for quickly adding simple data operations to Visual force pages. Visual force Remote Objects are nothing but  proxy objects that allow basic DML operation on sObjects directly from JavaScript. Without writing any controller, we can retrieve the data and perform DML Operations through Visual force Remote Object call; this (retrieving data from Salesforce)  will not count towards API request limit.


Using Visual force  Remote Objects involves  implementing two functionalities in the same page: Continue reading “Visualforce Remote Objects”

Salesforce for HR

May 20, 2015

A top IT executive recently said, “Customers and Workforce are two sides of the same coin.” Adding further weight to this statement is the belief of some experts that HCM (Human Capital Management) is gaining equal traction as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The Industry is well aware of this trend and so is Salesforce whose recent product offering- “Salesforce for HR” is a proof of embracing this trend.

Salesforce for HR is self-described as “employee success platform” that focuses on employee engagement.  Jim Sinai, Senior Salesforce Director points out, Continue reading “Salesforce for HR”

PreludeSys ON DEMAND Services – Salesforce

April 13, 2015

The clock had just clicked 9AM on a cold, breezy morning. But things were really hot at work for an Application manager of a multinational company  sitting inside his office. He had a critical deadline for Salesforce custom applications to go-live. His  team didn’t have the necessary bandwidth and experience to handle such a large scale application development. His company  had tried outsourcing the work to some vendors before, but the results were far from satisfactory.  As a last- ditch effort, he persuaded the company to sign a contract with PreludeSys On Demand Services.

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Salesforce and Wearables

March 24, 2015

The time is not far away when every one of us is going to check office emails in a watch. The wearable technology is still in the nascent stage, but experts across industries widely agree that the time for its enterprise adoption is already ripe.  These wearables become valuable only if the technology platforms and applications supported by them provide the required functionalities at desired service levels.  Salesforce has clearly understood this sprouting trend and has already jumped into the wearables bandwagon.

Salesforce wear is a specialized platform offered for wearable devices.  Continue reading “Salesforce and Wearables”

Salesforce in Retail

March 13, 2015

You wake up in the morning to see mobile ads with tag-lines like “10% cash back on purchase”. It would be a matter of time to make the purchase if the offer on the product interests you.  Gone are the days when we should go to shops to get everything we want. With the advent and advance of e-commerce, today’s customers are arm-chair shoppers. They expect Omni channel support, self-service options for resolving issues, and effortless service at every touch point. Hence to be a market leader in retail space, you need to have the right platform to create a unified customer experience across all channels.

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Data Conversation in Salesforce

January 25, 2015

“How are you?”  That’s how we begin a conversation with each other. Conversations are integral part of our daily activity. Same way have you ever wondered about the idea of having “Conversations with data?”  It sounds weird but that’s an integral part of our business activity. Yes through metrics, dashboards and reports we converse with data.  How?. Say you have a question of “What is the number of customers in a particular geographical region?” .You get an answer through a report/dashboard which is built over data that’s collected through on-going business transactions.

Salesforce provides a range of reporting options-from real time dashboards to yearly summaries. Continue reading “Data Conversation in Salesforce”