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As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we specialize in helping companies that are large and small maintain, build, and customize Salesforce platform applications and integrate Salesforce into enterprise environments. Whether it’s making simple customizations in Salesforce or developing a new application, our agile approach to software development will deliver the right support, processes, and tools. Our unique ON>Demand Services provides you the flexibility, scalability and availability along with lower TCO of your Salesforce instances.

Sales Cloud

Sales-CloudSales Cloud has enabled your sales organization to be flexible and agile. It does not however guarantee that you will be successful in realizing your business objectives and outperforming the competition. That requires your Sales Cloud to adapt to the ever-changing behavior, preferences and needs of your customers!

In today’s digital world, the need to transform the way you interact with customers is so great that industry reports suggest that 64% of the companies make changes to their Sales Cloud instances on a monthly basis. Many organizations however struggle with balancing the benefits of that continuous improvement (CI), with the high costs and overhead that come with it.

Enter PreludeSys’ ON>Demand Services (ODS). Our ODS model addresses the challenges of an unpredictable development cycle by providing our customers the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down resources based on their needs. Together with our agile and metrics driven development, our ODS model provides a cost-effective, scalable solution that delivers measurable value towards our customers IT and Business objectives. The following are some examples of how our customers have leveraged our ON>Demand Services within their Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Integration with enterprise systems to enable data transfer and avoid duplicate data entry
  • Setup and configure e-signature using Adobe Sign, DocuSign etc
  • Automation of document generation using Congo Composer, SpringCM etc
  • Setup and automate credit card payment depending on the opportunity stage
  • Create custom sales dashboards
  • Create custom sales performance reports integrating data from a number of sources
  • Create custom apps using Apex and Visual Force pages.
  • De-duplication of accounts
  • Custom inline Visual Force pages

Service Cloud

Service-CloudService Cloud provides an excellent platform that enables the companies to retain and grow their market share by providing unparalleled customer service to their customers. The platform needs to be continuously updated in order to keep up with the increasing customer expectations by being accessible across multiple channels and devices. Social media has empowered the customers to receive uncompromised service. Even a single unhappy customer would result in thousands and maybe hundreds of thousand customers deserting the company resulting in negative Net Promotor Score (NPS).

The companies need to be on top of their game and have access to all their customer- related data from internal/external systems and social media and offer their service across various medium (voice, text, chat, bots, social media etc). This requires a team to maintain and develop on the Service Cloud platform but the size of the team is dynamic depending on the changes that need to be incorporated. This poses a big challenge to companies as it impacts their cost and/or schedule and tradeoffs are involved.

To overcome these challenges companies need to have options which are scalable and cost effective. PreludeSys with its ON>Demand Services (ODS) provides the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down resources based on their needs. Our Agile and metrics driven development and pay-as-you-go model  provides a cost-effective, scalable solution that delivers measurable value towards our customers IT and Business objectives

The following are some examples of how our customers have leveraged our ON>Demand Services within their Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Service cloud console provides 360degree view of the customer
  • Increased Customer service agent productivity by refining their user experience and reducing the number of clicks per customer interaction
  • CTI integration with Service cloud
  • Implemented Omni-channel thereby providing better customer experience and agent productivity
  • Integrating Service cloud with Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Create custom apps using Apex and Visual Force pages.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud meets the needs of today’s marketer by providing a world class digital marketing platform. Possessing the digital marketing platform happens to be the first step in meeting the challenges of the marketers. The bigger challenge is in providing context -relevant, timely, personalized messages which stand out among the 205.6 billion messages that people receive each day. Having the right data and visibility to data across Sales, Service and Marketing are very important to the meet this challenge head on.

Data Integration plays a critical role in  bringing all the data together and provide a unified view of the customers. This lays the foundation for the marketers to be successful by applying the data analytics and perform marketing automation based on the predictive/prescriptive intelligence. Ever Increasing data sources pose a huge challenge of having continuous changes to the integration and to the marketing automation. The marketers needed an “as a service” model to meet their resource needs in a cost effective way!

PreludeSys’ ON>Demand Services (ODS) model sets out to accomplish precisely that. Its a Service-as-a-service which provides the scalability and agility which are sought after by organizations. ODS with its pay-as-you-go feature makes it cost effective too. Find below how our customers have leveraged our ODS model for their Marketing Cloud Integrated Marketing Cloud with Eventbrite for event management

  • Provided advisory services by providing comparative analysis of various marketing automation tools
  • Configured Journey builder to identify where the audience is drop off is on their journey and created different interaction plans on how to regain the audience
  • Integrated the different data sources and provided a complete view of their customer/prospect
  • Setup and Configure of various appexchange apps like Congo Mailmerge, Cirrus Insight, Docusign, Geopointe,

Community Cloud

Community-CloudCommunity cloud has empowered the organizations to share relevant data from Sales, Service, Marketing and other enterprise systems with their customers, partners, and all the employees. Salesforce report suggests that companies with Community cloud implementation have 42% cost reduction and 75% productivity gain. The community cloud cannot function just as a portal to achieve the level of cost reduction and productivity gains reported and ensure that the business objectives are met/exceeded. There needs to be a true integration with various Salesforce clouds based on strategic goals and business drivers. This is a continuous process as the various Salesforce cloud instances go through changes, the community cloud needs to undergo continuous updates in order to retain and increase productivity gain and cost reduction. Many organizations, however, struggle with balancing the benefits of that continuous improvement (CI), with the high costs and overhead that come with it.

PreludeSys can help your organization to keep moving on your path of continuous improvement through its ON>Demand Services (ODS) model. ODS is scalable, agile and cost effective with its pay-as-you-go model.

The following are some examples of how our customers have leveraged our On Demand Services within their Salesforce Community Cloud:

  • Created a number of partner portals, customer portals, employee portals integrating with Sales and service clouds
  • Created a number of self-service customer portals integrating with Knowledge base and providing context sensitive help
  • Shopping cart integration with customer portal
To know more about how you can utilize our ON>Demand Services and enjoy the same benefits as our customers, please click here and one of our Salesforce consultants will reach to you.

Service Offerings

  • Advisory Services: Help you Assess, Align and Govern your Salesforce implementation by doing a comprehensive health check and provide a roadmap to maximize your investment.
  • Force.com and Salesforce 1 Development: Best suited for customers that requires custom application development.
  • Integration: Provides integration services to integrate Salesforce with other enterprise systems in the organization to provide a unified view of  a customer, automate data entry and keep different systems in sync thereby providing better customer service and improving employee satisfaction.
  • Maintenance: Maintain your existing applications, apex classes, triggers, workflows, approval processes, web services etc to keep the lights on. With defined SLAs, you will have the peace of mind that a dedicated team is available to handle any production issue and you have to pay only when you use them.
  • Admin Support: Provides overall administration of client account. Including User Management, Security Setup, Data Management, Email Administration, App Management, Usage Monitoring, Troubleshooting and more.

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Ramp up / down resources


Captive dedicated resources who can jumpstart

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Metered Services, Pay-as-you-use

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