A process to adopt technology, to break silos, to transform, innovate and drive customer value’

While less-mature businesses are focused on solving discrete operational problems with individual technologies, mature businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, with the vision of transforming how their businesses work.

If you have the appetite for ‘change’ PreludeSys can help your business with,


Strategy to adopt the convergence of cloud, mobile & analytics to create a successful digital experience by applying technology on business data, systems, operating models and physical elements.

PreludeSys offers its strategic consulting capabilities for small and midsized businesses that help transform your business by digitizing your operations to enhance the customer value proposition with digital content, insight and engagement. PreludeSys can help create digital delivery capabilities required to improve operations and engage customers across multiple touch-points by using information across channels and organizational structures while optimizing capabilities within each element.


Execute to transform your IT assets into an agile fabric for digital delivery. PreludeSys brings together the people, skills and methods to help businesses achieve successful digital transformation through a holistic approach at the speed of business needs that not only delivers customer value but does it with no ‘dead ends’ so that innovation is continuous. PreludeSys can help your business by developing the reference architecture to build a flexible, secure and reliable foundation that can scale for the future.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence to embrace your customers. PreludeSys’ excellence in service delivery is built on a successful track record of delivering high quality service on time and within budgets. Our approach to delivery has evolved over more than 15 years by practicing various industrialized processes and frameworks.

PreludeSys strongly believes that excellence is essential for success and to that we strive to exceed the quality of service promised to the customers through our comprehensive service level agreement. One of the key metric that we want to excel is the customer satisfaction and our approach to delivery is to bring it all together to meet or most likely to exceed this metric.

Digital Expertise

PreludeSys has embarked the digital wave early on and has transitioned its capabilities to digital technologies like cloud, mobile and analytics. Over the last 5 years we have helped customers achieve transformation through one or more of these emerging technologies.

Cloud >> Mobile >> Analytics


PreludeSys cloud services are primarily focused on the two leading cloud platform technologies, & amazon web services (aws). We leverage these platform capabilities to build next generation solutions for our customers. Our proprietary methodology for developing on the cloud called the Cloud Life Cycle that more closely captures the process of development on the cloud than the traditional SDLC is a key differentiator to a successful delivery of our services.

Service Offerings

  • Assessment Services
  • On Demand Application Services
  • Migrate legacy and edge applications to cloud
  • Build new applications on cloud
  • Integrate with existing applications, databases & platforms
  • Optimize & Support


PreludeSys mobile development capabilities come with wide experience and deep knowledge to build apps, deploy, and manage them across multiple devices. PreludeSys breaks away from the traditional approach to achieve mobility goals at a rapid pace and help increase adoption through a great user experience and responsive design.

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions can align with your mobile strategy through

  • Mobilization of information
  • Reduction in operation cost
  • Quicker time to market advantage
  • User friendly extension to the enterprise systems
  • Tailored program service delivery

Service Offerings

  • New applications development for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices
  • Porting of existing applications (e.g. Windows Mobile to Android to iPhone)
  • Business Intelligence Reporting solutions
  • Enterprise Reporting using cloud & enterprise mobility
  • Capability to extend Line-of-Business applications and enhance the value of existing systems
  • Augment mobile enterprise framework development


Go fast, go deep and go big with business data. PreludeSys can help you power-up your Business Intelligence with Big Data analytics.

Big Data refers to large data sets that are not organized to fit into traditional data warehouses. With the help of Big Data Analytics solution the unstructured and unused data can be used to create new opportunities for business. PreludeSys understands well about how content repositories, data warehouses, and business intelligence technologies have evolved and converge to offer the next generation Analytics and Intelligence solutions to business.

PreludeSys can help you create a unified intelligence out of structured data such as database information and unstructured data such phone calls, videos and social media. Our growing Intelligence practice is focused on Big Data Analytics, Mobile BI and Social Analytics and our expertise in Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Computing provides the necessary support to achieve a complete next generation Intelligence solutions

Service Offerings

  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Migration
  • Metadata Management
  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Harmonization

Why PreludeSys ?

  • On Demand Services
  • Pay as-you-use model
  • Flexible, scalable and cost effective engagement models
  • Resident, Certified, Professional, & dedicated resource pool
  • Process driven delivery management
  • Global delivery
  • Diverse customer experience
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction