ON>Demand – for AWS

No matter where you are in the path to cloud PreludeSys will partner with you to

PLANIf you are planning on moving to cloud

We will help assess, analyze, and develop a cloud roadmap for your enterprise applications that aligns to your companies strategic roadmap.

BUILDIf you already have a plan

We can help you execute it! Including simple on-premise to cloud migrations, building parallel work teams, and implementing end-to-end deployment automation.

RUNIf you are already on cloud

We can help you run faster and more efficiently. We will help you determine what to measure, and how to optimize your DevOps performance for the now, near, and future demands.

Achieve Speed, Scale, & Stability on cloud through our ON>Demand Services for AWS. Whether you are at a Plan, Build or Run stage of your path to cloud, our expert team can not only help you in your journey, but can also enable and empower your organization with excellence in support through our carefully designed service options (Advisor, Enabler, & DevOps) for AWS.

PreludeSys’ ON>Demand Services for AWS is a unique and comprehensive solution built around the Amazon Web Services platform and its tools and services. Our ON>Demand Services Compliment AWS business model and is the best fit to enhance the benefits.

Service Options

Our service options are designed to align with you based on your current state of cloud adoption and its maturity level. We can map your need to the appropriate service option to offer the best in class solution and human expertise.

  • Advisor
  • Assessment
  • Readiness
  • Suitability
  • Maturity
  • Roadmap
  • Business value
  • Enabler
  • Onboarding
  • Refactor-Rebuild
  • Capacity planning
  • Migration
  • Tooling and automation
  • Training
  • DevOps
  • Monitor
  • Optimize
  • Continuous delivery
  • security
  • Billing
  • Analytics

ON>Demand Framework for AWS

Our ON>Demand framework represents a comprehensive set of components that are required during the adoption and post transition phases to AWS. Based on the maturity level we can help you determine which components are important to your organization to successfully adopt, transition, and thrive on AWS.


  • Culture
  • Organization
  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Training
  • Full stack skillset
  • Collaboration


  • Devops
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous integration
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Configuration management
  • Communication


  • CodeCommit
  • CodeDeploy
  • CodePipeline
  • OpsWorks
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CloudWatch
  • CloudFormation

Our framework will ensure the following benefits

  • Continuous and consistent software delivery
  • Faster time to recovery and resolution of problems
  • Reduced operations cost
  • Shortened lead time for new features
  • Improved client services
  • Toolset, automation and innovation

Human Expertise

You will do more and better with our AWS expert team on your side. Our technical expertise combined with the ON>Demand model will provide the speed and scale to get you the most out of AWS.

Client Partner

Ensure positive customer experience, facilitate the development of a vision for the overall success of the business area or function. Undertake business negotiation, ensure financial success and monitor quality.

Technical Account Manager

Trusted advisor on technical and strategic decisions. Implement cost control strategies. Guide you through issues both major and minor. Work closely with our AWS experts to ensure quality and high performance is delivered to your satisfaction.

Solutions Architect

Design and execute a strategy to build or migrate workloads to AWS. Provide best practices guidance and make architectural recommendations for implementation, deployment, and provisioning applications on AWS.

DevOps Engineers

Implements and Manages Continous Build and Delivery. Monitors and Optimizes Systems and Resources on AWS.

Key Benefits


Ramp up / down resources


Captive dedicated resources who can jumpstart

Value for Money

Metered Services, Pay-as-you-use

Ease of Engagement

Single point of contact for all your requirements